Saturday, 1 August 2015

Heartland Racing

Bishan East Karting & NERF Shootout 2012
The event you want to be in. 

Grab your friends. Grab your family. It is time to go go go! Head down to Bishan tonight as Heartland Racing is at it again. This time there is a twist! Get ready to be bedazzled by the lights used in the Marina Bay F1 Race Circuit as you zoom around Bishan under the night stars. Not a fan of speed? That is absolutely fine! Aim to take the first place in the one and only NERF shootouts! 

When I first read about this in the newspaper, I was absolutely blown away by the sheer size of this event. It took a whooping $60 000 to set up this event just for us to enjoy ourselves. My heart beats faster and faster as I saw the event being described in such minute details. I begged my parents to bring me there and there I was zooming around in the Tony Kart and Raining Darts upon helpless cans.

The star attraction of this event is of course the Kart Racing. Powered by a 9 horsepower engine, the Tony Kart can go up to 50km/h! For those worried parents out there, your children will be safe as the limit for non-license holding drivers is only 30km/h. You can either jump right into driving a Tony Kart or watch from the sidelines. It was exhilarating to watch the drivers avoiding obstacles as they zipped through the circuit. So I decided to get a ticket and joined in the fun. It was not as easy as it looks as I kept crashing into the Formula 1 grade Tecpro barriers. After what seem like an eternity, I got the hang on it and was breaking my record time. The circuit proves to be a challenge to the public and along the way, I made new friends who guided me as I drove through the circuit. They taught me tricks on how to drift when turning and when to speed up or slow down. Although it was a short duration, I passed on what I know to other new drivers too. I would never forget the wind blowing on my face, the new faces that I have met and definitely the night view of Bishan.

The one that got many young children was the NERF Shootout. Nerfs are plastic guns that shoot foam darts out of its barrel. In the tent, many pyramids of 10 cans were set up at different distances and participants have to shoot them down with the gun of their choice in the fastest time possible. The top 3 with the highest amount of cans knocked down and in the fastest time competed against one another in the Finals. I took up the challenge and joined in the tournament. So there I was, pelting the cans with darts, aiming to get into the top 3. Little did I know that I have accidentally pressed the trigger while aiming off at the onlookers. So instead of cans, the darts are raining down on the onlookers instead. I realized my mistake after a few seconds and immediately dropped the gun to apologize to those who got shot. I then picked up the loose darts and return to the event master. That was certainly embarrassing.      

I ended the day with relaxing at the Exhibition booth where many exotic cars were on display. The cars were uniquely modified and had a nice finishing touch to them.

All in all, it was a fast paced event with everyone aiming to beat the rest. I enjoyed myself and I strongly recommended going to this event today as it is the last time you can get to enjoy such activities. I met new friends and memories and they will certainly stick to me forever. 

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