Monday, 31 December 2012

About me

Okay! Hi guys, my full name is Henry lee jun but my old classmates gave me a few nicknames like hen or chicken and you guys can call me that or just Henry i don't mind.

Things i like to do

Well i like listening to musics when i am doing a task but it doesn't really help when i am doing mental sums XD. Other than that, i like to figure how things work and stuff. if i have questions, i always google them on my phone. I am not really into sports but during the holidays i will play badminton with my friends or maybe go for a swim. I Like reading too :) Favourite book you ask? Well i like the Percy Jackson series. Basically i like Rick riodan's book.

Behaviour and personalities

Well i can be bossy sometimes since my bird type is a hawk. My friends call me joker cause i make them laugh and stuff. I can be really sarcastic if i want to. I will get important task done as soon as possible and i can talk to people. Sometimes I can interrupt a conversation if i am interested in the topic and i will work on that.

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